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312                                          S^P BlM  OF BABS&'A.

SifidHa.* and Hollar, and -was ennclied by those princes "with the most lavish
dcnati&cs, the whole of which lie appears to have expeoded on the embellish-
ment of Barsana and the other sacred places within the limits of Bra], his
native country. Before bis time, Barsana, if inhabited at all, was a mere
hamlet of the adjoining village Ucha-ganw, which now, under its Gisjar land-
lords, is a mean and miserable place, though it boasts the remains of a fort and
an ancient and well-endowel temple, dedicated to Baladeva. Blip Ram was
the founder of one of the no IT superseded temples of Larli Ji? with the stone
staircase up the side of the MIL He also constructed tha largest market-place
in the town, with as many, is it said, as sixty-four walled gardens; a princely
mansion for his own residence ; several small temples and chapels, and other
conrts and pavilions. One of the latter, a handsome arcaded building of carved
stone, has for some years past been occupied by the Government as a police-
station without any payment of rent or award of compensation, though the
present representative of the family is living on the spot and is an absolute
pauper. Three cenotaphs commemorating Riip Ram himself and two of his
immediate relatives, stand by the side of a large stone tank with broad Sights of
steps and Hanking towers, which he restored and brought into its present shape.
This is esteemed sacred and commonly called Bh&nokhar, that is, the tank of
Brikha-bhan, Radha's reputed father. In connection with it is a smaller
reservoir, named after her mother Kirat. On the margin of the Bhanokhar is
a pleasure-tense in three stories, known as the Jal-mahalL It is supported on
a series of vaulted colonnades which open direct on to the crater, for the conve-
nience of the ladies of the family, who were thus enabled to bathe in perfect
seclision, as the two tanks and the palace are all enclosed in one courtyard by
a lofty bastioned and embattled wall with tower-like gateways.! Besides these
worksj Blip Bam also constructed two other large masonry tanks, one for the
convenience of a hamlet in the neighbourhood., which he settled and called after
his own name Biip-nagar ; the second on the opposite side of the town, in the
village of Ghasipnr, is the sacred lake called Prem Sarovar, which he faced with
octagonal stone ghats. Opposite the latter is a walled garden with an elegant
domed monument, in the form of a Greek cross, to his brother Hem-raj.

* It appwrs that Banana was aa occasional residence of Madho Rao Sindhia; for a treaty
İf Hi wife the Company, regarding trade at Baroch, dated the 30th of September, 1785, was
signed by Mm ttcre, as aim the supplementary article dated the following January.
f Both the house m& Bhanokhar hare been considerably damaged by the new proprietor,
"wlso law stsioTsd many of tie larger slabs of atone.